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Bridgesii Monstrose aka the penis plant short form vs long form

bridgesii monstrosemonstrose bridgesii

I had a nice customer today state that the 2 potted 4″ penis plants were short form vs long form based on the picture/s he provided to a couple of forums. I have sold many of these and have never been told this prior.   I have a hard time finding this to be true based on small specimens in 4″ containers.  My “penis plants” are grown from cuttings, which are always smaller rounder segments from Mother plants.  The picture provided are all from the same source, some have begun elongating, and others are just getting ready to.  These same plants photographed 6-12 months ago would look much different w/ any longer sections being much shorter, and argued by some as proof that they are short types.  Give them some time to grow, and lengthen, and if your purchase has not done so in 6 months, I’m happy to ship you out more.  Is it possible some short penis plants have slipped in?  Of course, but I don’t think so…  If you have some info you’d like to share about how to distinguish these 2 types, at a juvenile stage/age, please share with me, I’m not a specialist by any means and always enjoy learning more about the many succulents and cacti we sell via our business.

cheers!monstrose bridgesii

crested san pedro cactus

Bridgesii potted cactus and crested San Pedro cactus

potted penisbridgesii cactussan pedro logscrested san pedro cactus

Potted Bridgesii cactus in 1 gallon containers, San Pedro and Bridgesii log cuts left neglected on our property, the recent rains have made them happy.  A n awesome crested San Pedro cactus, a lot going on with this specimen.  We sell all types of cactus, potted and cuttings ready to be potted. Send us an email if you have any questions


Juuls giant cuttings

Juul’s Giant Cactus and Peruvian Torch Cuttings For Sale

peruvian torchperuvian torch cactusjuuls giant

Juuls giant cuttings


Lots of Juul’s Giant and Peruvian Torch Cactus cuttings available. Approx. 12″ in length, great cuttings, ready to be potted and rooted and grown! These guys if taken care of will grow to 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and sometimes even taller!  Trichocereus cactus are famous for their giant flower blooms, usually beginning in June/July and going into November here in San Diego.

Trichocereus Flowers are huge bee attractors which are great for pollinating other plants, trees etc.  Included in all cutting orders is an emailed FAQ covering all the basics on getting these guys rooted.  We sell them in 2, 4, 8 counts, we can also customize any # you want.  also consider mixing, get a  San Pedro, Bridgessii, Peruvian Torch and a Juul’s cactus, become a collector.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions



juuls cactus

Potted Trichocereus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc.

Potted Trichocereus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc.

We have been growing and collecting cactus and succulents for a long time! We have lots of different types, this post is about trichocereus columnar types,  We have lots of established mini groves all over our 10 acres of nursery.  Many of them we can’t officially ID but we’ll begin posting them and maybe some cacti experts can help us out?

We sell potted and cuttings, here’s a few pics of some potted bridgesii for sale, as well as some potted Peruvian torches and Juul’s too.

We have longer lengths too.

peruvian torch cactusperuvian torch cactusindians comb cactusindians comb cactusjuuls giant cactus

agave for sale

Agave For Sale Agaves For Sale!!

Agave for saleagave for saleagave for saleagave for saleagave for saleagave for saleagave for saleagave for sale

If you are looking for Agave, we have them at

We have over 20 types available in their 1 gallon containers, we will be slowly adding them to our site over the next month!.  Agaves are great in  decorative containers standing alone, or added to your landscape for their size, colors and textures!  We can customize size and quantity as well. If you are looking for a specific type/s, just email us and we’ll let you know, chances are if we don’t have it, we can find it!

Contact us at with any questions


Here’s some basic Agave info from

Agave   – Linnaeus (1753)
Greek: agauos = of kings and heros, illustrious, hence noble

Over 300 species of Agave have been described, but only about 200 are currently recognised. Most species are monocarpic, although a few can flower several times during their life. The flowers are “perfect” with both male and female parts. Many species of Agave are bat pollinated and produce musky perfumes as attractants. Others produce sweeter odours to attract insects.

Most Agaves consist of rosettes of thick, hard, rigid but succulent leaves often with marginal teeth and usually with a lethally sharp terminal spine. Prolific vegetative growth and offsetting at the base of the plant or through stolons, usually maintains a clump of plants thus compensating for loss of flowering rosettes. A few species remain solitary, relying on seed production for survival of the species.

The interior of the leaves contains longitudinal fibres representing the vascular system. Agave leaf fibre was used by native Americans. Agave fibre from a range of species is of commercial importance, with the best quality fibre coming from the youngest leaves. Sisal (hemp) made from cultivated Agave sisalana is used to make clothing and rugs.

Carbohydrates stored in the core of several species of Agave were fermented by native Americans to make a beverage called pulque which was used in religious ceremonies. Distillation of a similar ferment made from the developing Agave flower bud is the basis for modern production of Mezcal. Only if made from the Blue Agave within Tequila, Mexico can the distillate be called Tequila.

san pedro cuttings

San Pedro Cactus Cuttings

We sell a large variety of trichocereus and other columnar cactus.  Our San Pedro cactus cuttings  and Peruvian Torch and Bridgesii can be purchased potted or by 12″ cuttings.  Potted are established, cuttings take 2-6 weeks to begin rooting, we provide a great FAQ on getting them started, a great way to learn about propagating cactus!

We  can also sell other lengths, or by the weight, potted as well. Just convo with what you are looking for.
email us if looking for San Pedro potted or cuttings.

Average weight is over 2 lbs each, length is 12″ inches average.

We will email a Potting/rooting FAQ sheet after purchase as well.

The Bridgesii is a fast-growing columnar cactus native to the Andes Mountains of Peru between 2000-3000 m in altitude. It is also found in Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, and it is cultivated in other parts of the world.

They also produce the most giant, beautiful and fragrant flowers imagineable! Absolutely stunning and equal to any flower out there! But…, not nearly as often as their cousins!

These cuttings may have had the spines clipped for easy shipping and handling, but once repotted, rooted and beginning to grow, they will produce longer spines than their cousin the San Pedro.

Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 16,17,21-24 USDA: 9-11 Frost Tolerance: 20°F (-7°C) Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C) Heat Tolerance: Light shade in Phoenix Sun Exposure: Outside full sun or afternoon shade, inside needs bright light, and some direct sun.. Origin: Bolivia (La Paz) Growth Habits: Watering Needs: Little water, needs good drainage

Please also consider visiting our Shop for other Succulents!


potted bridgesiipotted san pedro4 Peruvian Torchesbridgesiisan pedro cuttings