san pedro cuttings

San Pedro Cactus Cuttings

We sell a large variety of trichocereus and other columnar cactus.  Our San Pedro cactus cuttings  and Peruvian Torch and Bridgesii can be purchased potted or by 12″ cuttings.  Potted are established, cuttings take 2-6 weeks to begin rooting, we provide a great FAQ on getting them started, a great way to learn about propagating cactus!

We  can also sell other lengths, or by the weight, potted as well. Just convo with what you are looking for.
email us if looking for San Pedro potted or cuttings.

Average weight is over 2 lbs each, length is 12″ inches average.

We will email a Potting/rooting FAQ sheet after purchase as well.

The Bridgesii is a fast-growing columnar cactus native to the Andes Mountains of Peru between 2000-3000 m in altitude. It is also found in Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, and it is cultivated in other parts of the world.

They also produce the most giant, beautiful and fragrant flowers imagineable! Absolutely stunning and equal to any flower out there! But…, not nearly as often as their cousins!

These cuttings may have had the spines clipped for easy shipping and handling, but once repotted, rooted and beginning to grow, they will produce longer spines than their cousin the San Pedro.

Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 16,17,21-24 USDA: 9-11 Frost Tolerance: 20°F (-7°C) Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C) Heat Tolerance: Light shade in Phoenix Sun Exposure: Outside full sun or afternoon shade, inside needs bright light, and some direct sun.. Origin: Bolivia (La Paz) Growth Habits: Watering Needs: Little water, needs good drainage

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