Bridgesii Monstrose aka the penis plant short form vs long form

bridgesii monstrosemonstrose bridgesii

I had a nice customer today state that the 2 potted 4″ penis plants were short form vs long form based on the picture/s he provided to a couple of forums. I have sold many of these and have never been told this prior.   I have a hard time finding this to be true based on small specimens in 4″ containers.  My “penis plants” are grown from cuttings, which are always smaller rounder segments from Mother plants.  The picture provided are all from the same source, some have begun elongating, and others are just getting ready to.  These same plants photographed 6-12 months ago would look much different w/ any longer sections being much shorter, and argued by some as proof that they are short types.  Give them some time to grow, and lengthen, and if your purchase has not done so in 6 months, I’m happy to ship you out more.  Is it possible some short penis plants have slipped in?  Of course, but I don’t think so…  If you have some info you’d like to share about how to distinguish these 2 types, at a juvenile stage/age, please share with me, I’m not a specialist by any means and always enjoy learning more about the many succulents and cacti we sell via our business.

cheers!monstrose bridgesii