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Bridgesii Monstrose aka the penis plant short form vs long form

I had a nice customer today state that the 2 potted 4" penis plants were short form vs long form based on the picture/s he provided to a couple of forums. I have sold many of these and have never been told this prior.   I have a hard time finding this to be true based on small specimens in 4"[Read more...] A bunch of pics from the yard of cactus, mainly tricho types. [Read more...]

Bridgesii potted cactus and crested San Pedro cactus

Potted Bridgesii cactus in 1 gallon containers, San Pedro and Bridgesii log cuts left neglected on our property, the recent rains have made them happy.  A n awesome crested San Pedro cactus, a lot going on with this specimen.  We sell all types of cactus, potted and cuttings ready to be potted[Read more...]

Trichocereus Peruvianis Bridgesii Torch San Pedro Cactus varieties on our property   Trichocereus Peruvianis Bridgesii Torch San Pedro Cactus varieties on our property, many will be available as cuttings and potted in next few months.[Read more...]

Juul's Giant Cactus and Peruvian Torch Cuttings For Sale

  Lots of Juul's Giant and Peruvian Torch Cactus cuttings available. Approx. 12" in length, great cuttings, ready to be potted and rooted and grown! These guys if taken care of will grow to 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and sometimes even taller!  Trichocereus cactus are famous for thei[Read more...]

Potted Trichocereus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc.

Potted Trichocereus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc. We have been growing and collecting cactus and succulents for a long time! We have lots of different types, this post is about trichocereus columnar types,  We have lots of established mini groves all over our 10 acres of n[Read more...]

Agave For Sale Agaves For Sale!!

If you are looking for Agave, we have them at We have over 20 types available in their 1 gallon containers, we will be slowly adding them to our site over the next month!.  Agaves are great in  decorative containers standing alone, or added to your landscape for their size,[Read more...]

San Pedro Cactus Cuttings

We sell a large variety of trichocereus and other columnar cactus.  Our San Pedro cactus cuttings  and Peruvian Torch and Bridgesii can be purchased potted or by 12" cuttings.  Potted are established, cuttings take 2-6 weeks to begin rooting, we provide a great FAQ on getting them started, a grea[Read more...]

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Youtube Family Succulents

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San Pedro Cactus Etsy Shop

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Great Living Wall Idea

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