2 Peruvian Torches

Two Peruvian Torch peruvianus IFO55 12″ top cuttings

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Product Description

peruvian torchperuvian torch cactus4 Peruvian Torchespuruvian torchThis sale is for 2 Peruvian Torch (TWO) Peruvianus Trichocereus Cacti like shown in the picture. Average weight is over 2 lbs each/approx 12 inches in length.

*** Spines MAY OR MAY NOT have been trimmed, new growth will have full length spines. Please do not order if you only want full spines, or contact us first, thanks.

Part of the Trichocereus family, cousins of San Pedro and Bridgesii, these are healthy cuts that are ready to be placed in the ground or in decorative pots. These guys have thorns! Handle with care, gloves are recommended. They grow well with a little love! We can do larger, smaller cuttings, we also sell them potted and in larger quanities, contact us for more information and we can create custom listing for you.


The San Pedro and their cousins are a fast-growing columnar cactus native to the Andes Mountains of Peru between 2000-3000 m in altitude. It is also found in Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, and it is cultivated in other parts of the world.

They also produce the most giant, beautiful and fragrant flowers imagineable! Absolutely stunning and equal to any flower out there!

The grouping pictures show the San Pedro growing amongst some of it’s cousins, a few of which we also sell. They are awesome plants, whether in pots or planted as landscape specimens.

Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 16,17,21-24 USDA: 9-11 Frost Tolerance: 20°F (-7°C) Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C) Heat Tolerance: Light shade in Phoenix Sun Exposure: Outside full sun or afternoon shade, inside needs bright light, and some direct sun.. Origin: Bolivia (La Paz) Growth Habits: Watering Needs: Little water, needs good drainage