Trichocereus Brevispinlosus

2 Trichocereus brevispinulosus IFO66 Indian comb Cactus cutting 12″

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Product Description

2 Trichocereus brevispinulosus Indian comb Cactus cuttings 12″ in length.  These are one of my favorite cactus in our yard.  Super easy to handle as far as cactus go, they offer a great contrast to those larger and longer needled cacti you have surrounding them.  We also offer cuttings at 24″ in length, as well as a few already potted.    Plant directly into the ground or a new decorative pot, add a few of these to your collection! $50 ships 2 of them to your door anywhere in the US!Trichocereus Brevispinlosus Trichocereus Brevispinlosus Trichocereus Brevispinlosus